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Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Alabama Football!

Last Saturday college football kicked off for the University of Alabama. The Crimson Tide took on the Catamounts of Western Carolina University. What the heck is a catamount anyway? No clue. So I googled it. I found this on WCU's website:

Webster's Dictionary defines "catamount" as "any of various wild cats such as a cougar or lynx." Cats of the catamount variety, including the bobcat, have roamed the southern Appalachian Mountains, where Western Carolina University is located, for years.

The nickname evolved from a contest that was held on the Cullowhee campus in 1933. At the time, the school was called "Western Carolina Teachers College" and its teams were known as "the Teachers."

Cool. So it's a bobcat. That beats the heck out of the Teachers name they had. Just don't see opposing teams cowering in fear before the mighty Teachers of Western Carolina University.

Anyway, it was a great day for college football. Not too hot, a nice little breeze...and the game being played at night. Perfect.

It was also the long awaited debut of Alabama's new head coach Nick Saban. Pretty successful debut for him. Alabama won the game going away; 52-6. Roll Tide!

Something funny happened during the 4th qurater. I heard this loud CLANG! BANG! behind me. I turned to look behind me. There was a single, solitary stiletto heel laying there. I look up. About 25-30 feet in the air was a co-ed looking down. She had dropped her shoe down 25 feet. Glad there was no one sitting there! She told me to bring it up to her. Well, no....I'll not be your little monkey and run when you call. Then she told me to throw it up to her. Riiiight. Like I am going to throw this show (with the heel) up 25-30 feet. I could come back down and hit a kid in the head! So, I declined. Her boyfriend looks down and asks me to bring it up. I gladly informed him that I would hold the shoe for him and he could come down and get it himself. He was none to keen on that idea. I guess I was supposed to bring it up to them as if I were a dog running back to its master. Yeah...right. I bet I was the first guy yo tell her no. Poor little daddy's girl! So the shoe sat there until they found another way to get it. Sorry...I don't play fetch.

I took the kids to the stadium before the game and we all had fun. I loved walking around with my wife and kids and seeing the sights of gameday. There was this guy there who had a tattoo of Paul "Bear" Bryant on his back. Pretty cool tat. There is a picture of my kids with him. All in all pretty fun day. Be sure to look at the pictures below!
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